Welcome to our
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“We have our “principios“ and we follow them uprightly. Our ultimate goal is to
impress you. We want you to feel comfortable and satisfied with what we offer. ”


Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a typical Spanish restaurant. Enjoy hospitality and
quality services within an oasis of peace and serenity far from the monotonous and anxious
world. Feel at home and enjoy your time while savoring the finest dishes. We consider our
guests as our friends and we always make sure that you enjoy full hospitality in our restaurant.
This is what makes Casa Aurelio such a special place.



Spanish cuisine consists of a great number of regional dishes and delights. Seafood plays a
major role. Fresh, crisp salads and full of sun-ripe vegetables will not leave indifferent even
the experienced gourmets! The Spanish gastronomy offers a lot of choices to meet all your

Our flavours

Our flavours are brought from our traditional Spanish cuisine so that you can enjoy an
authentic culinary taste of our region. Every dish that comes out of the kitchen gets a lot of
attention and care from our talented chefs. We always use fresh ingredients and pure flavours
presented masterfully by our talented kitchen team.

Herbs and spices, meat and fish, vegetables and salads – everything is fresh and of the highest
quality so that you savor the finest and the most delicious meals.

Locally sourced, fresh flavours and quality ingredients


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Restaurant Reservation

Zurich – Langstrasse 209

Tel : +41 44 272 77 44