Rich and varied cuisine

  • Beef Filet Carpaccio27.00 CHF
  • Garlic Shrimps25.00/40.00 CHF
  • Squids with parsley and garlic20.00/ 35.00 CHF
  • Serrano Ham21.00/35.00 CHF
  • Pata Negra Ham37.00/60.00 CHF
  • Roasted duck liver with port wine sauce and white toast37.00 CHF
  • Noodles with lobster ragout33.00 CHF


  • Beef bouillon8.00 CHF
  • Beef bouillon with Sherry11.00 CHF
  • Onion Soup11.00 CHF
  • Tomato Soup with Gin11.00 CHF
  • Garlic Soup11.00 CHF


  • Lettuce Salad14.00 CHF
  • Mixed Salad14.50 CHF
  • Rocket Salad with Parmesan16.00 CHF
  • Tomato Salad with Bufala Mozzarella21.00 CHF
  • Salad of Lamb’s Lettuce with Egg16.00 CHF
  • Spanish Salad21.00 CHF
  • Spinach Salad with grilled foie gras34.00 CHF


  • Grilled Veal Paillard44.00 CHF
  • Veal escalopes with Cream Sauce42.00 CHF
  • Medallions of Veal Fillet with Lemon Sauce55.00 CHF
  • Medallions of Veal Fillet with Mushrooms Sauce55.00 CHF
  • Grilled Veal ChopPrice by Weight
  • Cordon Bleu50.00 CHF
  • Veal escalope in Viennese style47.00 CHF
  • Veal fillet Pomerol on a spinach base,gratinated with sauce hollandaise, served with foie gras59.00 CHF
  • Sliced veal « Zürcher Geschnetzeltes » with hash browns59.00 CHF

Specialities of the house

  • Cockerel Cooked in the oven37.00 CHF
  • Grilled Lamb Chops refined with garlic and herbs40.00 CHF


  • Veal Ravioli with chive butter25.00/44.00 CHF
  • Noodles with mushrooms23.00/41.00 CHF
  • Noodles with seafood25.00/45.00 CHF

Fish & Shellfish

  • Grilled Monk Fish with fresh herbs49.00 CHF
  • Grilled Sole (450-500gr.)56.00 CHF
  • Sea wolf in salt crust, min. 2 Pers. Price by weight
  • Shrimps “Casa Aurelio”45.00 CHF
  • Grilled fish and seafood “Aurelio”59.00 CHF
  • Paella “Casa Aurelio”, min. 2 Pers.50.00 CHF/p.P.
  • Grilled Scampi60.00 CHF


          • Boiled Beef (lean) garnished with mustard, raddishes, horseradish, pickles and cranberriesPrice by weight
          • Grilled Fillet Mignon57.00 CHF
          • Grilled Fillet Mignon with green pepper58.00 CHF
          • Grilled Fillet Mignon with herbs butter58.00 CHF
          • Fillet mignon « Aurelio »61.00 CHF
          • Fillet Mignon “Stroganoff”49.00 CHF
          • Beef fillet goulash «en casserolle» Spicy beef fillet with potatoes, peas and Pimientos61.00 CHF
          • US beef porterhouse, 1200gr. served with café de paris, french fries and vegetables220.00 CHF
          • Caramel creme10.00 CHF
          • Orange Salad with Moscatel13.00 CHF
          • Catalan Cream13.00 CHF
          • Panna Cotta12.00 CHF
          • Fruit Salad12.00 CHF
          • Lemon Sorbet with Vodka or Champagne15.00 CHF
          • Raspberry Sorbet with Raspberry liqueur15.00 CHF
          • Cassata with Cream or Maraschino14.00 CHF
          • Crêpes Suzette, min. 2 Pers.29.50 CHF/p.P
          • Iced Coffee14.00 CHF
          • Cheese platter14.00 CHF
          • Spinach/ seasonal vegetables12.00 CHF
          • French fries9.00 CHF
          • Boiled potatoes8.00 CHF
          • Rice9.00 CHF
          • Noodles10.00 CHF
          • Risotto with safran10.00 CHF
          • Roast potatoes «the spanish way»10.00 CHF